Registration process (payment / webpage)

- By registering at Porto Santo Nature Trail® you are accepting the race regulation.

- You must fill the registration form clearly and with the correct data.


- There's no need to send the payment proof.

- Any questions must be made to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registration fees and deadlines

- The registration process will run betewen November 19th and February 18th 2018.

- The registration fees are the follow:



Deadline: 18/02/18

PSNT (42 km)

20,00 €

TPS (21 km)

15,00 €

MTPS (8 km)

10,00 €

KTPS (1-3 km)



- The organization can provide travel packages from Funchal, including ferrie ticket, accommodation and car.

- After the registration deadline, no changes can be made.


- A organização não procederá ao ‘congelamento’ de inscrições.

- O reembolso das taxas pagas será feito nas seguintes condições:


Registration includes:

- Personal accident insurance and third part insurance.

- Personalized bib with timing tag.

- Official event shirt.
- Transfer to the start of each race.
- food and drinks during the race, at checkpoints.
- First aid, at the finish line.

- Transportation to the finish line, in case of retirement.
- Lunch (Awards ceremony)